Fabricated pipes


Description: Fabricated flanged pipes are particularly useful where pressure pipelines are installed above ground such as water treatment plants, pumping stations and where flanged pipe is needed to be made to exact lengths.

Where pipes need to be cast in concrete walls such as inlet and outlet pipework, SF can apply a fixed puddle flange to any configuration of pipe.

This facility is available in both standards BS EN545 for potable water and BS EN598 for sewage and wastewater applications.

Standards: ISO2531, EN545, EN598

Materials: Ductile iron

Nominal sizes: DN80—2600mm

Pressure: PN10/16/25/40

Corrosion protection: cement lining and zinc and bitumen coating.

Package: wooden case with plastic layer, wooden pallets with plastic layer, steel crates.

Welded Puddle Flanges

When a pipe passes through the wall of a tank below the level of liquid in the tank, seepage of liquid between the outside of the pipe and the surrounding concrete may be prevented by the use of a puddle flange.

Puddle flanges may be welded to any of the pipe configurations shown. The position of the puddle flange should be specified using dimension, P, the distance from the end flange or spigot to the centre of the puddle flange.

Loose Puddle Flanges

If the exact position of the puddle flange is not known, loose puddle flanges may be used on centrifugally spun pipes where no end thrust is expected.

Double Flanged Change Pieces

Change pieces can be fabricated for the conversion of metric flanged pipes to existing imperial pipes. Minimum and maximum lengths are as in the table above; flanges are detailed right.

Boss Connections

Drilled and tapped sockets and bosses can be added to all ductile iron pipes.

 Tie Flanges

A tie flange may be used with a flange adaptor to secure the integrity of the joint. Tie flanges shall be drilled PN16 as standard.

The distance ‘T’ as standard is:

175mm u.t.i. DN 600

200mm DN 700 - 1000


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