CARX Exhaust valve


Description: This valve is installed in the pump outlet or the Transmission and Distribution in the water pipeline, used to exclude the air, set the plot in the tube in order to improve efficiency in the use of pipelines and pumps, an officer within the negative pressure, the valve quickly inhaling outside air to prevent pipeline damage due to negative pressure. Water when the tube normal transport, if a small amount of air gathering to a considerable extent in the valve and valve, the water level dropped, then the air discharged from the holes. When the pump stops, the water is empty or the case of tube in tube negative pressure, race head quickly turned on the air inhaled, to ensure pipeline safety.

Standards: GB/T 17241.6-1998.

Materials: Ductile iron, cast iron

Nominal sizes: DN80—300mm

Pressure: PN10/16

Corrosion protection: Inside and outside FBE.

Suitable medium: Water, oil, steam.

Package: wooden case with plastic layer, wooden pallets with plastic layer, steel crates.


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