Flanged type gear box butterfly valve (D343X)


Description: Double-flanged is a big size resilient seated type of butterfly valve (with a replaceable elastomer seat and off-set disc design) available in double-flanged body styles from DN200 to DN1200. Flange connection in accordance with all major international standards: ISO, EN, DIN, BS, ANSI... Type of actuators available: Manual operators (worm gears), pneumatic rotary quarter turn actuator, electric actuators and all associated accessories. Applications: Water supply networks, Water treatment and pumping, Power generation, cooling water systems (fresh or sea water), dams... * according to size.


 Design: EN 593.

 Face to Face: EN 558-1, series 13/14.

 Flange: BS EN 1092.

Materials: Ductile iron, cast iron

Nominal sizes: DN80—2000mm

Pressure: PN6/10/16

Corrosion protection: Inside and outside FBE.

Suitable medium: Water, oil, steam.

Package: wooden case with plastic layer, wooden pallets with plastic layer, steel crates.


 The double eccentric structure reduces the friction of the sealing ring, providing the valve a long service life.

 "T" structure of the disc sealing ring.

 Replacing materials of the disc ring.

 Wide selection in the materials


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