Dismantling joint



a) Full Range Sealing

For applications where a full-face flange is required,i.e. wafer and butterfly valves, the flange of the spigot piece provides a full flange sealing area.

b) Excellent Corrosion Protection

The flange adaptor and flange spigot are well coated, providing excellent protection from transport, storage, site and corrosion damage. The nuts and bolts are also perfectly coated, offering long term protection against corrosion.

c) Ultimate Sealing Capability

The EPDM gasket is compressed independently of the tie rods with the sealing capability secured as soon as the fasteners reach required torque.

d) Simple to Fit

Harnessing is accommodated within the bolt circle, eliminating other complex anchoring systems and reducing space requirements.

e) Wide Application

The simplicity and versatility of the fittings make them suitable for many applications including pumping stations, water treatment works, sewage treatment works, plant rooms, meter chambers, power generation equipment, gas distribution stations.

f) Easy Installation

Installation is extremely simple and is generally done with the flange adaptor end connected to the valve or other appurtenance. In cases where a full faced flange is required, for example on wafer butterfly valves, the joint is simply turned round to use the spigot flange instead.

Standards: BS EN 4504, EN1092, ISO7005 or ANSI/AWWA B16.*

Materials: Ductile iron(casted)

Nominal sizes: DN50—2200mm

Pressure: PN10/16/25/40, Class 125/150/250/300/*

Corrosion protection: Inside and outside FBE 300um.

Bolts and nuts: Carbon steel 4.8/8.8 or stainless steel 304/316.

Gaskets: EPDM, SBR, NBR

Package: Wooden case with plastic film, wooden pallets with plastic film, steel crate.


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