Universal (wide range) flange adaptor


Description: Universal Flange Adapters are designed for use on air, water, sewer and gas pipelines. The adapters are wide tolerance product and fit all popular standard pipe sizes, thus dramatically reducing the number of product to be stocked for maintenance purposes. The adapters are suitable for steel, PVC, ductile iron, asbestos cement, GRP, cast iron and concrete pipes.

Standards: AWWA C219, BS EN 14525, BS EN 4504, EN1092, ISO7005 or ANSI/AWWA B16.*

Materials: Ductile iron(casted), Steel (Fabricated)

Nominal sizes: DN50—2600mm

Pressure: PN10/16/25/40, Class 125/150/250/300.

Corrosion protection: Inside and outside FBE 300um.

Bolts and nuts: Carbon steel 4.8/8.8 or stainless steel 304/316.

Gaskets: EPDM, SBR, NBR

Package: Wooden case with plastic film, wooden pallets with plastic film, steel crates.


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