JILIN SENFENG PIPE CO.LTD. (JSP) is dedicated to manufacturing ductile iron (D.I.) pipes, fittings and valves, plus piping accessories.
Dominant products (D.I. series) have won widespread acceptance in the global market. Diameter size from DN80 to DN2400 with full series of jointing types according to standards in conformity to ISO2531, BS EN545/598, AWWA C110, C153 & C219 etc., and nonstandard by client requirements. The quality products widely service in water supply and drainage systems and natural gas transportation for many important projects in China, ​the Middle East, North America, Africa and Southeast Asia.
JSP is certificated by SGS through the ISO 9001:2008, by TUV through ISO2531, BS EN545/598, and by WRAS through BS 6920-1 to demonstrate its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, as well as continuously improving its quality management systems and integrating the realities of a changing world.









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Export Department

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Technology & Services Office

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